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Wireless solutions for upstream and downstream operations

Wireless control infrastructure for productivity and safety gains in oil & gas applications.

Keep your long-distance operations connected anywhere.


Featured Products

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915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O & Gateway

The ELPRO 915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O and Gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long range, license-free 900MHz wireless transceiver, the ELPRO 915U-2 is capable of providing IP-based mesh networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications.

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315-WH-GT WirelessHARTâ„¢ Gateway

The new 315-WH-GT WirelessHARTâ„¢ Gateway establishes the connection between wireless field instrumentation and centralized Asset Management or Distributed Control Systems. Serving as the central controller and security manager for low power wireless mesh field instruments operating under the WirelessHART standard, the 315-WH-GT ensures performance through dynamic network optimization and intelligent routing to achieve high reliability, lower latency, and deterministic power management.

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245U-E Wireless High-Speed Ethernet Modem

The ELPRO 245U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem is a robust, license-free wireless 802.11 standards compliant transceiver capable of high bandwidth communications. Operating at 2.4GHz or 5GHz and up to 400mW, the ELPRO 245U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 108Mbps which provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications in challenging indoor and outdoor environments typical of industrial monitoring and control applications.

ELPRO's Wireless Mesh Networking and I/O Gateway from Cooper Bussmann is industry's first 20-mile range self-seeking, self-healing mesh radio.  Ideal for cathode protection monitoring along with pipelines, flame/leakage detection on offshore platforms, and level monitoring at tankfarms.  Our high-speed modems provide reliable, long-haul Ethernet connectivity for well-head monitoring.