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Reply Paid 2577, Sure Power, PO Box 2577, Smithfield NSW 2164

Australia Phone (EN):  1800649913

Product description

The battery separators are unidirectional (1314) and bi-directional (1315) modules with an integrated relay for 12 and 24 Volt systems. The units monitor both the main and auxiliary battery banks.

Identifying Features

Design Change Details


S/N Start

S/N Stop

1314 (-B, BP-D)



1315 (-B, NM)









*S/N are sequential by model number family.


What are the hazards?

If the capacitor fails and overheating, smoke and/or fire occurs, it may result in property damage and/or injury.

What are the defects?

Some units may have internal circuit board capacitor failure, which may lead to overheating, smoke and/or fire during or following use.


Q: I have an ARB second battery in my car. Does that mean the recall affects me?
A:  The recall only affects ARB Battery kits which included a Sure Power model 1314 and 1315 battery separator. These would have been supplied after August 2009. If your battery kit or battery separator was supplied before August 2009 then it will not be affected.

Q:  I have a Sure Power battery separator in my vehicle and the serial number is in the target range. I am unable to get to a rectification center immediately. What should I do?
A:  Contact Sure Power to receive direction on how to wire around the device in the interim.

Q:  I have a Sure Power unit on my second battery but it does not look like the picture in the paper, [i.e it is blue with cooling fins/heat sinks], is it included in the recall?
A:  No, only battery separators – all of which match the picture published on the recall notice.

Q:  I have a Sure Power battery separator in the affected range and cannot perform the new unit swap on own. Additionally, I live ‘xx’ hours from the nearest ARB replace and install location. Will you compensate me for my time?
A:  Unfortunately it is not possible to compensate you for your time and/or any loss of earnings. We apologize for this inconvenience but stress the importance of the swap and your personal safety.

Q:  If taken to an ARB replace and install location, how long will it take to fix?
A:  This depends on a number of factors including, what other accessories you have, the location of the unit and the vehicle model. You should discuss the specifics of your vehicle with ARB and they will do their best to estimate the time required.

Q:  I purchased an affected unit but do not have proof of purchase. Can I get a replacement?
A:  Yes, contact Sure Power and inform them of the affected model and serial number. A replacement will be offered and the existing product will be arranged to be collected.

Q:  Will I be reimbursed for all costs resulting from this recall?
A:  Cooper will provide a replacement part free of charge, or refund the cost of the unit. Labour costs for replacing the unit or applying the interim work around solution will be refunded as long as these are not excessive, Cooper would need to approve the labour costs prior to a claim being made.  Cooper does not  reimburse for time, travel or other auxiliary costs associated with the recall.

Q:  This product is no longer in my possession. Am I in anyway liable if I am unable to reach the present owner? (It’s installed in a boat/ship which is now on a round the world journey or a truck crossing the Andes, etc)
A:  Sure Power asks that you notify end-users of the recall and ask that they in-turn contact Sure Power directly. Sure Power is willing to assist in this process by performing bulk mailings with a provided customer list.

Q:  I require an official letter from you stating the reason for the recall and the consequences of not removing the product from service (My customers don’t believe me, or think it’s a storm in a tea cup)
A:  This is an official recall registered with the EU and other regulating bodies. While Sure Power voluntarily initiated the recall due to concern of consumer safety; the recall is mandatory and in no circumstance will Sure Power approve the continued use of a recalled product.  An 8D is available upon request to further explain root cause.

Q:  The product I bought is still under guarantee. Can I give you the address of the vehicle to arrange a technician to perform the change out for me?
A:  The product safety recall provides consumers with the option of replacement or refund. Like any recall, it does not reimburse consumers for time, travel or other expenses. Further and because Sure Power is the manufacturer of a component and not the vehicle – they cannot and will not arrange or perform any service. To seek reimbursement for installation costs see #5 above.

Q:  I’ve been contacted by a dealer who informs me that your product is defected, he is unable to help me further.
A:  Locate the battery separator within the vehicle and check the model and serial number against the chart in #2. If you need assistance in determining whether your battery separator falls within the affected range then contact Sure Power directly.

In the event that you have an affected product, contact Sure Power to arrange for a replacement or refund. If you are not confident in performing the work yourself, contact a competent Auto Electrician and obtain a quote to submit prior to the work for reimbursement.

Q:  I’ve been advised that I should have the “no cap” version installed but this doesn’t sound safe to me. What does it mean?
A:  As an interim solution until the redesign becomes available – we can offer critical applications a ‘no-cap’ product. This is more or less the same battery separator that is being recalled but built to an earlier specification. In other words, it’s the battery separator design from the serial number range prior to the recall. This product is safe and reliable and has passed all validation testing.

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