Series 31S - ssVEC

Severe Service Vehicle Electrical Center (ssVEC)

Severe Service Vehicle Electrical Center (ssVEC)

The ssVEC is capable of operating in various environments such as those with high vibration and moisture (compliant with IP66 standards). The ssVEC provides efficient and compact power distribution for OEMs with demanding applications in the transportation industry including construction, agriculture, heavy trucks, bus, marine and specialty vehicles. As with all VECs, the ssVEC uses the patented Eaton ‘power grid’ technology easily configured to accommodate various OEM wiring

Features & Benefits
Eaton ssVECs all feature a unique color-coded and keyed connector system, and accepts common plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors, diodes, and transorbs based on the industry standard 2.8mm footprint.

Data Sheet:

ssVEC Data Sheet

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Catalog Number ssVEC
Basic Features Various custom design versions supported (differing relay, fuse, breaker, etc. configurations) 12V and 24V electrical (or combinations thereof)
Capacity ssVEC Rated at 200A maximum; 30A per output connection, maximum 32 fuses /12 relays (size dependent) or various combinations thereof (diverse design configurations supported)
Materials Housing and connector cavities: 94V0 rated thermoplastic; internal power grid tin-plated copper; internal gaskets stud input covers: silicone
Rating Temperature ratings: -40°C to 105°C (operating). Ingress protection ratings are application dependent up to IP66 equivalent (direct high pressure spray); IP rating is application design specific torque rating on mounting is (without compression limiters) / with ratings on stud inputs. Unit meets IP66 compliance
Options Mounting: 1. Compression limiters on mounting feet 2. Labeling to customer specifications 3. Stuffed (with/without components including but not limited to: fuses, relays, diodes, circuit breakers, fuse puller) 4. Customized circuit layouts 5. Power connector
Connections Output: standard Eaton VEC connectors (8-way, colored/keyed, sealable connectors) - 30A max per terminal - connectors accept Packard Metri-Pack 280 Series terminals (tanged/tangless); Input: studded input option - supports 2 M8 input power studs for DC power into the VEC power grid connectorized -accepts up to 2 Eaton VEC connectors (2 terminal, colored/keyed, sealed connectors) 60A max per terminal connects and supplies power to the VEC power grid - accepts Packard 800 Series terminals