PDM-AMI Series

PDM-AMI sealed bolt-in fuse holder for multiple AMI fuses

Eaton now offers a rugged, flexible and high power fuse panel called the PDM-AMI.  The PDM-AMI is used for main branch primary fusing and accepts multiple (two, three or four) industry standard AMI fuses.  Using a common input bus bar, the PDM-AMI requires just one input connection to power all fuses.  The PDM-AMI provides efficient power distribution suitable for many battery box and "under the hood" applications, uncluding marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking, bus and specialty vehicle.


Designed and manufactured to withstand waterproof to high pressure spray (IP66) and up to one meter of submersion (IP67), the PDM-AMI family offers robust features such as heavy duty housing, silicone gaskets, tin plated copper bus bars, M8 cable input/output studs and stainless steel compression limiters in the mounting feet.


Eaton offers the PDM-AMI in three base versions; a two position, three position or four position for sealed use of Eaton AMI fuses.  Custom options are available for factory fuse population, cover laser etching and hardware.

High power

Designed for high current power distribution, the PDM0AMI family supports AMI fuses up to 200A per channel and distributes 200A continuous for the PDM-AMI2, 225A for the PDM-AMI3 and 425A for the PDM-AMI4 - all rated at 135% overcurrent at 105°C.

Data Sheet # 10143

Sizing 2, 3 and 4 positions available
Maximum combined current ratings 200A to 425A
Temperature -40°C (-40°F) to 105°C (185°F)
Input and fuse output termination M8 stud and keps nut
Mounting torque 80 in-lbs
Fuse mounting 40 in-lbs
Housing and cover material UL 94 VØ glass reinforced PBT
Studs material Zinc plated steel, PEM