11020C01 Voltage Conditioner/Trail Charger

11050C00 Trail Charger

The Eaton Controls and Power Conversion Trail Charger allows the operator to charge a remote battery bank at a regulated 14V. This approach eliminates voltage loss due to long wire lengths. The Trail Charger is designed to provide a regulated 14Vdc at a full 20 AMP or 50 AMP charging rate. The Trail Charger charges the lift gate batteries at the voltage they need in order to take a charge, working to keep the batteries in a charged state ready for your next lift. The Trail Charger also eliminates or reduces the need for additional cables.

Installation Guide

Data Sheet

Catalog Number 11020C01
Voltage Input 9 to 14
Voltage Output 14
Output Current 20
Function Voltage Conditioner / Trail Charger


Introduction to the Trail Charger

All three models of the Sure Power Trail Charger act like a voltage amplifier, similar to how a stereo amplifier increases sound output, a Trail Charger amplifies voltage. Think of it as a booster that compensates for the voltage drop in the wiring to the lift gate batteries. With the Model  11020C00, 11020CLO and 11050C00, the level of amplification depends on the outside  temperature. Batteries require higher voltage at lower temperatures. The Trail Charger automatically raises and lowers the voltage to optimize the charge to the auxiliary battery bank.


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