Marine Rated Battery Fuses


Designed for the most demanding environment to provide high current protection for the tightest space constraints. Suitable for main and auxiliary circuit protection such as alternator outputs, starter motor inputs and accessory circuits.

Catalog Number Marine Rated Battery Fuses
Application Full range circuit protection for automotive and marine applications. Break in capacity meets the requirements of conventional vehicle batteries and 42V electrical networks
Voltage Rating 58Vdc Maximum
Amperage Rating 30A - 300A
Ingress Protection IP66
Ignition Protected Per SAEJ1117
Interrupt Rating 10000 AMP @ 14Vdc 5000 AMP @ 32Vdc 2000 AMP @ 58Vdc
Torque Rating Maximum 12 N•m (106 in-lbs)
Material Body - Ceramic Housing & Cover: UL-rated 94V0 Thermoplastic Ring Terminals - Tin Plated