Custom Solutions

Eaton responds to customer needs for unique and customized solutions.  This ranges from straight forward variations of products currently in the market all the way to next generation systems that require "thinking outside of the box."  Eaton has proven expertise in vehicle power systems that enable us to generate working solutions quickly, rather than having to "re-invent the wheel."  Additionally, Eaton has a portfolio of technologies and sub-assemblies, including the vital elements of circuit protection (fusing/breakers), power bussing, enclosure design, connector & system interfaces.  Collectively, the Eaton expertise and technology portfolio serve to minimize the need for excessive tooling and customization and time required to produce solutions.


Specialized Modules

Custom built to OEM specifications, these modules may include proven Eaton technologies and componentry for efficient power distribution and circuit protection and extended solutions such as those with a CAN (e.g., J1939) interface.


Product Extensions

Variations of existing Eaton products to meet manufacturer requirements for unique ratings, sizings, interfaces, etc.


Custom Assemblies

Combining Eaton products together, sometimes with other components to produce an overall solution required by the manufacturers.  This has included specialized mountings, internal bussing, addition of specialized covers, connectors, etc.