Heavy Truck

Whether the truck covers 50 or 500 miles a day and makes 50 or 500 stops, it needs to handle the stress of constant use. Eaton technologies offer reliable operation, greater operator comfort and productivity, better fuel efficiency and less noise mile after mile.


Construction work requires both precision and power to build structures that last. That’s why Eaton solutions are a part of the largest-scale construction projects, in which reliable machine operation is the key to efficiency, safety, and profitability.



Agriculture and Forestry

On the farm or in the forest, comfort and control are keys to productivity and profitability. Eaton components and systems provide superior operator comfort for improved working conditions and precise control for optimum machinery performance.


No environments are more demanding on electrical systems than those present to marine vehicles.  Many of the improvements and product innovations are the result of lessons learned from our experience in serving the marine markets.


The RV industry offers unique requirements including complex and multiple extensive AC and DC networks, high moisture and vibration, and the need for flexibility.  Eaton offerings and solutions are ideal for both the RV manufacturers and suppliers, due to our extensive product portfolio.


Bus electrical systems are among the most complex vehicle systems of all due to their size, customization and power requirements.  Tremendous innovation in power systems are presently underway in this industry that first made CAN networking popular.  Eaton technologies may be found on nearly all buses manufactured in North America, as well as in other parts of the world.


Operating in water, on ice, snow and various terrains, these vehicles demand electrical protection solutions that are compact in size, scaleable to high volume and able to survive in environmental extremes.  Manufacturers of these vehicles incorporate Eatonn products routinely.

Specialty Vehicle

Ranging from emergency and rescue vehicles to highly customized and mechanized trucks such as roadside painting vehicles, there are a myriad of power requirements for these platforms.  The wide variety of products and extensive range of power ratings make Eaton products especially attractive to these types of manufactures.

Military Vehicle

The rugged and high performance requirements on military vehicles are familiar territory for Eaton. Our components and modules have been used by manufacturers of military vehicles and platforms on a worldwide basis.  Eaton offers several components and products to make military vehicles safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Passenger Car

For nearly a century, Eaton has been supplying the global automotive industry with highly engineered products that help to increase fuel economy as well as improve a vehicle’s overall efficiency, performance and control.

Electric Vehicle

Eaton products manufactures a full line of DC-DC Converters, Low Voltage Disconnects, Daytime Running Lights and Solid State Switches for the electrical vehicle market. Our quality products offer high efficiency, low quiescent current, and full electrical protection. This full line of battery management systems will not only provide electrical power when needed, but also extend the Electric Vehicles' mileage between charges.