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True sine wave inverter

Featuring a true sine wave output, the inverter provides clean, reliable AC power designed and tested to meet SAE environmental and EMC Standards.

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CPCD product series: Martek Power Abbott

Learn more about the featured SL product family of DC-DC converters and other products in the Martek Product Series.

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Eaton and Cooper - united to power more possibilities

Our combined strength enables us to look at the world through a larger lens, to see more possibilities and better opportunities. Enabling you to more efficiently manage energy consumption, increase uptime and lower costs - while keeping personnel, equipment and data safe.


Your trusted partner for electrical power chain safety, efficiency, reliability and control.

Eaton Vehicle Controls and Sensors will combine with the former Cooper Bussmann Power, Transportation and Wireless businesses to form the Transportation Business Unit of Eaton.  The consolidated capabilities of the new business will deliver leadership in safe, reliable and efficient power  conversion and power management solutions for non-automotive transportation, military and industrial applications.

Battery Equalizers

Battery equalizers>

The Eaton CPCD family of battery equalizers maintain battery balance or "equalization" in predominantly 24V systems that require 12V power.

Cooper Bussmann's True Sine Wave Inverter

True Sine Wave Inverter>

The Eaton CPCD True Sine Wave Inverter features a true sine wave output, providing clean, reliable AC power.