Solar Energy

Benefits of Eaton’s Circuit Protection Solutions

Complete and Reliable Circuit Protection for Photovoltaic (PV) Balance of System

Eaton offers the industry’s most complete and reliable circuit protection for PV balance of system, from fuses, fuse holders and circuit breakers to safety switches and surge protection — allowing for comprehensive overcurrent and overvoltage protection anywhere in the PV system.

Unmatched Global Offering

Eaton offers a range of solar products with ratings up to 1500Vdc as well as UL, IEC, CSA and CCC certifications specific for PV applications—ensuring fully supported and seamless global installations.

Legacy of Technical Expertise

For more than 100 years, Eaton has protected equipment and businesses from electrical hazards. We are the experts in safe system design and application. Our team of Application Engineers and Sales Engineers are dedicated to protecting your system, from specification to delivery. Additionally, our Paul P. Gubany Center for High Power Technology is one of the industry’s most comprehensive testing facilities, and is available to test your systems to global agency standards..

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Cooper B-Line SOLAR Market

Over the last 50 years, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems have evolved into a mature, sustainable and adaptive technology.

The unique nature of PV system power generation necessitates the need for new and effective electrical protection products for overcurrent, overvoltage and isolation events.

With an Eaton protected electrical system, you can optimize your renewable energy power generation capacity, knowing your equipment is safe. We are a single source for the entire AC and DC circuit protection and disconnecting means. We work closely with solar equipment manufacturers and, through coordinated research and development, have produced revolutionary new fuses and circuit breakers that, combined with a range of surge protective devices, offer complete protection for PV systems.

As a single source provider with 100 years of proven technology, we provide complete circuit protection solutions that are safe and reliable so you can take full advantage of converting sunlight into usable energy while working with a bankable, industry-leading manufacturer.

Where the pieces connect


Eaton’s solar circuit protection solutions are available for any installation, from stand-alone solar arrays to grid-connect systems. Our solutions are ideal for residential, commercial and utility systems.

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Bussmann Solar Energy Products Wire Harness Combiner Box Re-Combiner
1 - Photovoltaic fuses X X X X
2 - DC/Solar circuit breakers   X X X
3 - Solar string protectors X      
4 - Modular fuse holders   X   X
5 - Photovoltaic surge protective devices   X X X
6 - AC UL and IEC surge protective devices       X
7 - AC/DC Switches   X X X
8 - High speed fuses       X
9 - AC Fuses       X
10 - AC Circuit breakers       X

Partnering to Develop Custom Solutions


One of the world’s largest solar energy solution providers faced the challenge of reducing costs without compromising their systems’ integrity.


Eaton’s Bussmann business engineered a solar string protector in an in-line wire harness. This unique solution seamlessly integrates with existing designs for efficient installation and maintenance while withstanding harsh PV system environments. By working with the customer through design, testing and implementation, Eaton’s Bussmann business developed a first-in-the industry product that effectively drove down the customer’s costs while maintaining a high level of protection.

Leveraging the Power of Leadership in Circuit Protection


One of the world’s largest combiner box manufacturers faced the challenge of meeting customers’ needs for both fusible and circuit breaker solutions on budget and with quick delivery.


Eaton’s complete circuit protection solutions allowed the customer to rely on a single source supplier. In addition, Eaton’s commercial inventory program, OnBoarding, added a significant value to the customer, ensuring availability of the product they need. By working closely with the customer through design to procurement and providing quality technical solutions to addressing their business challenges, Eaton offered a first-in-class partnership that helped the customer be more productive and successful in their marketplace


When it comes to electrical solutions for solar applications, Eaton may just offer everything under the sun. We are a leading manufacturer of complete balance of system solutions and engineering, installation, commissioning and O&M service offerings. We power up both ground mount and rooftop solar projects, and serve customers across diverse utility, industrial, and commercial segments.

With expanded engineering capabilities and a strengthened product offering resulting from the acquisition of Cooper Industries, Eaton is helping the solar industry maximize energy harvest, reduce installation costs, maintain reliable operations and enhance safety.

More solutions. More expertise. Expect more.