100A to 600A Class R, H (K) & J Knifeblade Blocks

Industry’s First Modular Fuse Blocks Simplify Design and Enhance Safety


New Snap-Together Class R, H(K) & J Knifeblade Fuse Blocks Make Installation Easy and Increase Flexibility and Electrical Safety

  • Modular, snap-together design permits assembly of required poles at point-of-use
  • All fuse blocks meet the UL creep and clearance requirements for industrial control circuits. Blocks rated 200A and above also meet industrial power distribution standards
  • Optional high-clarity, see-through finger-safe covers improve safety and reduce maintenance time by allowing wire termination inspection without opening the cover
  • Built-in lockout/tagout feature improves safety

Product Profile # 3196

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  • Integral dovetails allow snapping together multiple poles at point-of-use for greater application flexibility
  • Factory assembled two- and three-pole configurations available
  • Up to four mounting holes per pole increase installation flexibility
  • Standard phase barriers between poles for additional safety
  • Meets UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Control Circuits (UL 508 & 845)
  • 200 to 600A blocks meet the higher UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Power Distribution Standards (UL 98, UL 69, UL 489, UL 891 and UL 869A)
  • Optional IP20 finger-safe covers available on entire knifeblade fuse block product line:
    • High clarity see-through covers allow for inspecting wire terminations or to take thermography measurements without removing cover
    • Probe holes included for easy, safer testing and troubleshooting
    • Built-in lockout/tagout feature improves safety
  • Standard fuse clip reinforcing springs enhance electrical contact