100A to 400A Class J Power Distribution Fuse Blocks

Save space, time and money with the UL Listed power distribution fuse block

New Class J fuse block features power distribution capability

This patented design simplifies your panel layout and uses up to 50% less panel space. Additionally, it lowers inventory costs while reducing installation time and labor by 33%.

Furthermore, this design uses fewer wire connections, reducing watts loss and overall operating temperature when compared with traditional fuse block/ power distribution block solutions.

Features and benefits:

  • UL Listed for simplified certifications of equipment
  • Combination power distribution block and fuse block reduces wire connections and total panel components, using 50% less panel space and reducing installation time and labor by 33%
  • A 200kA withstand rating helps achieve a higher assembly shortcircuit current rating (SCCR) for compliance with NEC Sections 110.10, 409.110(4), 409.22, 440.4(B), 670.3(A)(4) and 670.5
  • Optional see-through cover enhances safety with IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability and open circuit indication

Product Profile # 10183

Data Sheet # 10192

February Consulting-Specifying Engineer® Magazine Website Article

Drawing Downloads (PDF, DXF/DWG, IGS, STEP)

Save money, component count, time and labor...

Combining the fuse block and power distribution block into one assembly reduces the wire connections, labor and cost associated with the traditional fuse block / power distribution block combination.



New Solution -
Fuse/Power Distribution
Block Combination



Traditional Solution - Separate Fuse
and Power Distribution Blocks

Catalog Number JM60100-_MW_ (100A blocks), JM60200-_MW_ (200A blocks), JM60400-_MW_ (400A blocks)
Fuse Class Class J
Ratings - Volts - 600V
- Amps - 70-400A
- Withstand - 200kA
Agency Information - Blocks; UL Listed E14853 - EZLT, CSA Certified 4723, 6225-01
- Covers; UL Listed E58836, JDVS2
Poles 1-, 2-, or 3-Pole (blocks can be dovetailed together)
Flammability Ratings - Blocks; UL 94V0 self-extinguishing
- Covers; UL 94B self-extinguishing
Operating and Storage
Temperature Range
- Blocks; -40°C to +120°C
- Covers; Non-indicating -40°C to +120°C, Indicating -20°C to +90°C
Wire 75°C Cu/Al
Accessories Optional IP20 finger-safe covers in open fuse indicating and non-indicating versions. Order one cover for each pole.