Benefits of Eaton’s Circuit Protection

Compact products

Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of overcurrent and overvoltage products that protect HVAC/R equipment. Because space is critical in the panel, our products are engineered to save space, which translates into significant cost savings, greater flexibility and easier installation.

Innovative solutions

Our team of experts continually introduces innovative solutions that enable your equipment to operate more safely and efficiently. Our products save space in the panel, have lower watts loss and quicker product installation while reducing maintenance time and inventory.

Enhanced safety

For more than 100 years, Eaton has protected equipment and businesses from electrical hazards. As the experts in safe system design and application, our products are UL Listed or Recognized for enhanced safety and many products offer IP20 finger-safe protection.

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Eaton offers HVAC/R OEMs a comprehensive portfolio of overcurrent and overvoltage products. Our leading solutions offer the industry’s best protection of system electrical and electronic components within the control panels that feed HVAC/R equipment. In partnering with a company with more than 100 years of innovation and proven technical expertise, your equipment will have the safest, highest quality circuit protection the market has to offer.

Our team of experts design each product to not only enhance safety and reliability, but also reduce the footprint of the panel. We understand the challenge of saving space in the panel and address it with innovative products. For example, our power distribution fuse block uses up to 50 percent less panel space when compared with traditional power distribution block/fuse block solutions.

Our team of Application Engineers and Sales Engineers can recommend solutions for reducing footprint and saving installation time--all while providing the industry’s best protection. They can also guide you in the selection of cost effective products to further drive down costs for your customers.

Where the pieces connect


Eaton’s Bussmann business offers a portfolio of solutions that are specifically tailored for HVAC equipment panels.

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HVAC Products Air Handling Unit Chiller/Parallel Ref. Rack Cooling Tower Condenser/Fluid Cooler
UL branch circuit and supplemental fuses X X X X
Definite purpose molded case circuit breakers X X X X
High speed fuses X X X X
Surge protective devices X X X X
Disconnect switches X X X X
Safety switches X      
Fuse holders and blocks X X X X
Power distribution fuse blocks X X X X
Power distribution blocks X X X X
DIN-Rail terminal blocks X X X X

Partnering to Develop Custom Solutions


An industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of HVAC systems was designing a new panel for a new piece of equipment that did not pass testing due to thermal considerations. In order to increase airflow through the panel, engineers were forced to implement additional fans into the panel design.


Eaton’s Bussmann business proposed to use our 600V/60A Class R fuse block with our energy efficient Fusetron fuses. After testing, the Bussmann solution ran cooler in the same footprint and allowed the cooling fans to be removed from the panel design. This change reduced the overall operating temperature in the panel, eliminated the cost of the additional fans, and reduced the required assembly labor of the panel.


Bussmann offers a comprehensive portfolio of AC and DC circuit protection solutions. And with Eaton and Cooper united, our offering of products and services encompasses broader solutions for HVAC/R applications, including:

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Disconnects
  • Fuse blocks, power distribution blocks, terminal blocks
  • Contactors, motor starters, relays
  • Motor control centers
  • Medium voltage motor control

More solutions. More expertise. Expect more.