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Conditions for Royalty Free Use of Eaton Supercapacitor Active Balance Design - US Patent 7,342,768

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Notice Subject Notice Type Notice Date
Changes to shipping boxes and carton labels Product change notice 05-Jan-18
Changes to Shipping Boxes and Carton Labels Product Change Notice 22-Oct-15
Electronics Division Brand Transition Product Change Notice
Notification Notice Type Notice Date PCN Number
ESD Suppressors  
End of Life 01-Jun-17 PCN17027
MLVA Product Change Notice - Change to Lead-Free Construction 18-Dec-15 PCN15024
0603ESDA-TR1 End of Life
0603ESDA-TR1  Additional Manufacturing Location 10-Nov-10  
0402ESDA-MLP7 Construction Change 4-Dec-09  
0402ESDA-MLP8 Construction Change 4-Dec-09  
0402ESDA-MLPT Construction Change 4-Dec-09  
0805ESDA-TR1 End of Life 4-Oct-04  
Non-RoHS fuses End of Life 1-Aug-18 PCN18031
Non-RoHS Ferrule Fuses
End of Life 03-Jan-18 PCN18001
B520 Product Change Notice 13-Oct-17
Various cut base 1/4" fuse blocks
End of Life 10-Aug-17 PCN17039
Product Change Notice 1-Jun-17 PCN17028
1025HC Product Change Notice 5-May-17 PCN17020
TDC17 End of Life 9-Jan-17 PCN17002
AGC and MDL End of Life for various non-RoHS compliant 1/4" fuses 7-Nov-16 PCN16040
ABC End of Life 31-Oct-16
GDA-V, GDB-V and GDC-V End of Life 31-Oct-16
C310FC Fuses End of Life 22-Mar-16 PCN16017
MDA Fuses
End of Life
C310T-R Fuses End of Life
5-Mar-16 PCN16004
S505-V-R Fuses End of Life
5-Mar-16 PCN16003
C520-1-R Fuse - 1Amp version only End of Life 5-Mar-16 PCN16011
HTC-200 Fuse Clips Product Change Notice - Manufacturing Location Change 20-Nov-15 PCN15012
PC-Tron Fuses Product Change Notice - Part Marking Change 25-Oct-15 PCN16010
PTS1206 Resettable Device Product Change Notice - Solder Dimensions 1-Oct-15 PCN15010
TCP Series Product Change Notice - Additional Manufacturing Location 9-May-14  
SR-5, SS-5, SR-5H, SS-5H, and SS-5F Radial Leaded Fuses Product Change Notice - Higher Temperature Range 1-May-14  
PCB-4-R and PCH-4-SD Fuses
Product Change Notice - Higher Voltage Rating 1-May-14  
Various Products Manufactured in Goldsboro, NC Manufacturing Location Change 17-Apr-14
MCRW & MCRS Subminiature Fuses End of Life 28-Jan-14  
ATC Blade Fuses (non-indicating) Product Change Notice 1-Nov-13  
ETF Series of Radial Fuses End of Life 31-Aug-13  
S451 End Cap End of Life 20-Jul-13  
PC-Tron Resin Color Change 6-Mar-13  
ETF Series Fuses End of Life
6125FA Series Brick Fuses End of Life 15-Mar-13  
PTS181233V110 SMD Resettable Device
End of Life 4-Feb-2013  
Select Non-RoHS Small Dimension Fuses, Fuseclips, Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks End of Life 31-Jan-13  
TDC436 Fuses End of Life 10-Dec-12  
1/16A AGC/AGX Fuses End of Life 26-Oct-12  
GFA Product Change Notice - UL & CSA Dropped on 1/200-4/10A Ratings 8-Aug-12  
C210 & TDC210 End of Life 23-Jul-12  
CB61F Packaging Options 18-Jul-12  
S505 Product Modification 3-Jan-12  
AGA-V End of Life - Axial Versions 1-Dec-11  
SS-5 and SS-5H  Packaging Modification 30-Aug-11  
S50x Series (S500, S501, S505, S506) End of Life - Non-RoHS Versions 1-Aug-11  
Non-RoHS SMD Fuse Series End of Life - Non-RoHS SMD Fuses 17-Jun-11  
EFF End of Life 20-May-11  
GBB End of Life - Non-RoHS Versions 28-Mar-11  
PC-Tron End of Life - Non-RoHS Versions 13-Jul-10  
SR-5 40mA-80mA End of Life 1-Jul-10  
3216TD  Product Change and End of Life on Select Ratings 19-Apr-10  
Chip™ and SR-5  Change of Manufacturing Location 1-Sep-09  
AGC-45 End of Life 45A Rating 25-Aug-09  
ABC  Change of Manufacturing Location <10A 29-Jul-09  
S504 End of Life 9-Mar-09  
S505  Construction Change - Select Ratings 5-Feb-09  
SR-5, SR5-F, SR-5H, SS-5, SS-5F and 3216TD  Change of Manufacturing Location 1-Dec-08  
Chip & Radial Fuses Construction Change to Halogen and Lead Free 22-Oct-08  
C459 End of Life 11-Sep-08  
MDA (1/4A to 30A) and ABC (12A-30A) Change of Manufacturing Location 11-Aug-08  
S506 and GDC  Construction Change - Select Ratings 4-Aug-08  
ABC Product Change to RoHS Constructions 24-Sep-07  
GMX Product Change to RoHS Constructions 24-Sep-07  
6125FA to 6125FF  Recommended Substitution 23-Jul-07  
PC04F and PC06F End of Life 3-Apr-07  
GDX and S50X Product Change to RoHS Constructions 5-Sep-06  
3216CP End of Life 18-Apr-06  
1608FF End of Life 18-Nov-05  
GDA and S501 Product Change to RoHS Constructions 28-Sep-05  
AGS End of Life 23-Sep-05  
C End of Life 23-Sep-05  
GJV End of Life 23-Sep-05  
GLH End of Life 23-Sep-05  
MDX End of Life 23-Sep-05  
MSL End of Life 23-Sep-05  
MSV End of Life 23-Sep-05  
MTH End of Life 23-Sep-05  
MWO End of Life 23-Sep-05  
N End of Life 23-Sep-05  
GDB and S500 Product Change to RoHS Constructions 1-Aug-05  
S504, S506 and GDC Product Change to RoHS Constructions 28-Jun-05  
MCR End of Life 10-May-04  
SFT End of Life 10-May-04  
Fuse holders / Fuse clips
Various fuse holders Product change notice 20-Aug-2018 PCN18032
Various fuse accessories End of Life 14-June-2018 PCN18025
HJM Specification improvement 22-Feb-2018 PCN18007
Non-RoHS Fuse Clips End of Life 03-Jan-2018 PCN18002
HTC End of Life 06-Jul-2017 PCN17033
H15 Fuseholder Product Change Notice 12-Jul--2017 PCN17019
HHN Fuseholder Product Change Notice 25-Jan-17 PCN17005
BK-HHF-B Fuseholders Part Number Change 21-Aug-15  
S-8000 and S-8200 Series Fuse Blocks, and HTC-30, -35, -40, -45, -50, -55 and -70 Fuse Holders Product Change Notice - Higher Amp Ratings 1-May-14  
Various Products Manufactured in Goldsboro, NC
Manufacturing Location Change
1A3400-09 & 1A3400-10 PCB Fuseclips Product Change Notice - Clip Material Change
1A1907, 1A1119, 1A1120, 1A4533, 1A534 Product Change Notice - Replacement of BeCu with High Performance Copper 6-Nov-12  
HTC Series PCB Holders, Blocks, Clips and Panel Mount Holders Product Change - Agency Information 9-Feb-12  
HKP-JJ  Construction Change 18-Apr-11  
HHL, HHM and HHX Construction Change 8-Sep-10  
HHC, HHD, HHF, HHG, HHK, HHL, HHM, HHN, HHT and HHX Construction Change 8-Sep-10  
HBH, HBV and HBW Color Change 26-Jul-10  
HTC-10M and HTC-65M End of Life 7-Aug-09  
HBH  Removal of VDE Agency Mark from HBH 9-Sep-08  
PTC Devices (Overcurrent Protection)  
PTR060V Package Change Notice
01-Feb-2018 PCN18004
PTR Product Change Notice 24-Oct-2017 PCN17045
Polymer PTC Resettable Fuse (PPTC) Product Change Notice- carton dimension 22-Dec-2016 PCN16046
PTR016V PTC Series (PTR016V0075, PTR016V0120, PTR016V0155) End of Life - Specific Part Numbers
Notification Notice Type Notice Date PCN Number
Octa-Pac Product change notice 27-Sept-2018 PCN18037
Various CTX parts End of life 1-Oct-2018 PCN18036
CTX01-17853-R, CTX00-17328, CTX00-17329-R & 3500C End of life 20-Sept-2018 PCN18035
CL1108, CLA1108 & CLB1108 Product change notice - packaging 22-Aug-2018 PCN18034
CTX33-18395-R & CTX02-14608 Product change notice 12-Sept-2018 PCN18033
LDS End of Life 27-Jul-2018 PCN18030
CTX01-18994-R Product change notice- Minimum order quanity change 19-June-2018 PCN18027
RL0607-R, RL0809-R End of Life 15-June-2018 PCN18026
RL1011-R, RL1218-R Product change notice- Minimum order quanity change 8-June-2018 PCN18022
FP2207R1-R230-R Product change notice- documentation update and material change 28-May-2018 PCN18018
CTX03-18761-R, CTX01-15030 End of Life 23-May-2018 PCN18017
CTX10-5P, CTX47-5-R End of Life 21-May-2018 PCN18016
CTX01-16153 End of Life 09-May-2018 PCN18015
CTX03-12357-2 End of Life 24-Apr-2018 PCN18014
CTX02-13665 End of Life 11-Apr-2018 PCN18013
CTX16-17298 End of Life 09-Apr-2018 PCN18012
CTX99-16886 End of Life 09-Mar-2018 PCN18011
Various CTX part numbers End of Life 08-Mar-2018 PCN18010
CMS1 Product Change Notice- Pad layout update 07-Mar-2018 PCN18009
CLB1108, CL1608 & FPD1110V2-R Product Change Notice 31-Jan-2018 PCN18005
CLB1108, CL1608 & FPD1110V2-R Product Change Notice 27-Dec-2017 PCN17053
Various CTX parts End of Life
15-Dec-2017 PCN17052
CTX01-16373-R Product Change Notice 06-Dec-2017 PCN17050
CTX01-14471 Product Change Notice 04-Dec-2017 PCN17049
FP1109B1-R Product Change Notice 04-Dec-2017 PCN17047
CMS1 & CMS2-R, CTX01 Product Change Notice
DRAQ75 Product Change Notice 20-Sept-2017 PCN17043
UP2C-R (additional part numbers) End of Life 15-Sept-2017 PCN17042
UP2C-R End of Life 29-Aug-2017 PCN17040
MPI2520 End of Life 25-Aug-2017 PCN16031
OctaPac Plus 1, 2, 3 End of Life 25-Jul-2017 PCN17036
UP2SC-R End of Life 21-Jul-2017 PCN17035
FPD1110V2 Product Change Notice 10-Jul-2017 PCN17034
DRA Product Change Notice 16-Jun-2017 PCN17026
LD1, LD2, FP3 Product Change Notice 15-Jun-2017 PCN17032
CCFL End of Life 6-Jun-2017 PCN17029
CTX410807-R End of Life 6-Feb-2017 PCN17009
HC3 Product Change Notice - Documentation 3-Feb-2017 PCN17008
MPIA4040 End of Life 7-Sept-2016 PCN16033
MPI4040 End of Life 7-Sept-2016 PCN16032
End of Life 7-Sept-2016 PCN16031
SD3814-R End of Life 9-Aug-2016 PCN16030
MP2 End of Life 25-Jul-2016 PCN16027
SD3110, SD3112, SD3812 End of Life 25-Jul-2016 PCN16026
HCM0703-R Product Change Notice - Specification Change 4-Mar-2016 PCN16002M
CMT End of Life 4-Jan-16 PCN16001
CTX17-18913-R Product Change Notice - Packaging update 16-Dec-15 PCN15014
MPI5451 End of Life 9-Dec-15 PCN15022
HCP0805 Product Change Notice - Updated PCB layout dimensions 2-Dec-15 PCN15016
FP2 Product Change Notice - Updated PCB layout dimensions 23-Nov-15 PCN15017
SD3118 Product Change Notice - Updated PCB layout dimensions 2-Oct-15 PCN15003
SDH2812, SDH3812, SD3812 End of Life 22-Apr-15  
CTX02-14659 Part Number Change 26-Mar-15  
CTX01-16801 End of Life 16-Feb-15  
Removal of Coiltronics Logo Marking on Products
Product Change Notice
HCM Series Part and part marking color change on select part numbers 21-July-14  
FP0906 Series Part Marking Change 13-Mar-14  
DRA Series Reactivation of Select Part Numbers 6-Mar-14  
Coiltronics Inductors Manufacturing Location Change 31-Aug-13  
FP3 Series Marking Change Feb-13  
MPI4040 Series Product Change Notice - Orientation in Packaging 12-Nov-12  
MPA7030 Series Product Change - Engineering Rework - Entire Series 1-Oct-12  
DRA Series Product Change - Engineering Rework - Select Parts
Coiltronics Inductors Additional Manufacturing Location 25-May-12  
CTX01-16025 End of Life 5-May-12  
MPI4040 Miniature Power Inductors Product Change - additional part numbers along with letter designation and electricl value changes 19-April-12  
CPL Series Multi-Phase Inductors Packaging Change - Bulk Packaging No Longer Available 4-April-12  
TP1, TP2, TP3 and TP4 Series End of Life 15-Nov-11  
CTX32CT and CTX32T Series  End of Life 19-Sep-11  
CD1 Series  End of Life 6-Dec-10  
CS Series  End of Life 6-Dec-10  
CPL2 Series  Packaging Quantity Change 4-Nov-10  
SDT30-127-R  End of Life 30-Sep-10  
HCP1104 and HCP1305 Series
End of Life 21-Jun-10  
UPxT Series
End of Life 14-May-10  
SC24 Series
End of Life 2-Mar-10  
HCP0703 Series
End of Life 14-Dec-09  
SD20C and HC5  End of Life 14-Dec-09  
SD3118  Series
Dimension Change 14-Dec-09  
HCP0703, HCP1104 and HCP1305  Series
Construction Change and End of Life on Select Part Numbers 5-Nov-08  
Part Number/Product Family Notice Type Notice Date PCN Number
XLM Module Product change notice-Removal of lead free specification 22-Feb-2018 PCN18008
XLM Module Product Change Notice- 07-Dec-2017 PCN17051
A and PA supercapacitors
End of Life 8-Aug-2017 PCN17037
Coin Cells Product Change Notice- material change 14-Jan-2017 PCN17003
HB supercapacitors Product Change Notice- specification change 21-Nov-16 PCN16043
All Supercapacitors Product Change Notice- "-R" part number suffix definition change 21-Nov-16 PCN16044
KR / KW Supercapacitors Product Change Notifice 15-Sept-2016 16034
HB / HV Supercapacitors Product Change Notifice- Packaging Update 14-Mar-2016 16020
KR Polarity Configuration Product Change Notice 14-Apr-2015  
XV / XB Series Cell Appearance Change Product Change Notice 24-Mar-2015  
Multi-cell Pack Constructions Product Change Notice 1-May-2014  
All PowerStor Supercapacitors Product Change Notice- Lot and Date Code Change 21-Aug-13  
B and PB Series Product Change Notice- Shrink Wrap Color Change 19-Aug-13  
Hazmat Shipping Change of regulations for ACN shipping 1-Jan-13  
Supercapacitor Shelf Life Product Notice 12-Aug-12  
2.5 to 2.7 Volt Rated A, B, HB, HV and M Series Conditions for Royalty Free Use of Cooper Bussmann US Patent 7,342,768 24-Jan-12  
B Series End of Life- Select Part Numbers 1-Feb-11  
KR Series Change of Manufacturing Location 28-Oct-10  
KSR and KSL Series End of Life 2-Jun-10  
KS and KSL-E Series End of Life 12-Jan-10  
FC-3R6334-R End of Life 16-Sep-08  
Part Number/Product Family Notice Type Notice Date PCN Number
Various Terminal Blocks End of Life 12-June-2018 PCN18024
EuroMag EM3127, EM2485 End of Life 04-Jun-2018 PCN18020
A5, CB5 & CB1 Single Row Terminal Blocks
End of Life 12-May-2017 PCN17048
EuroMag EM2488 End of Life 11-May-2017 PCN17024M
Various Custom Single Row Barrier Strips End of Life- 26-Jan-2017 PCN17006
Single Row Barrier Strip End of Life 27-Jan-2017 PCN17007
EuroMag Connectors Product Change Notice- EuroMag Specifications 29-Nov-2016 PCN16042
15133 and 15115 End of Life 31-Oct-16 PCN16038
Shelf Life of Connectors
Product Change Notification
Barrier Strip Connectors
End of Life - Select Configurations and Options