XLM Module

XLM Supercapacitor Module

62 V Supercapacitor Module

The Eaton XLM provides energy storage for bridge power uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and improves power quality for voltage spikes and brown outs. The XLM is a safer alternative to batteries for UPS back up power applications. Supercapacitor modules are RoHS compliant and require no battery management system (BMS) due to Eaton’s patented active cell balancing technology. With up to a 20 year lifespan, the XLM module can increase the life of a back-up system and eliminate the need for replacement parts and batteries.

The XLM supercapacitor module is a self-contained energy storage device comprised of twenty-three individual supercapacitor cells. The 62 V, 130 F, 6 mohm module is easily rack mounted and includes integrated cell voltage management circuitry and an overvoltage alarm.

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Press Release - Eaton announces CE Mark and UL Certification on its XLM Supercapacitor

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Use Case - Eaton keeps medical care equipment running when you need it most

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Use Case - Eaton keeps your data center online for the long term


Catalog Number XLM-62R1137A-R
Capacitance 130 F
Maximum Working Voltage 62.1 V
Operating Temperature Range -40 °C to +65 °C
Operating Life Up to 20 years
Initial Maximum ESR 6.7 mΩ
Maximum Current 2000 A
Peak Power 140 kW
Total Stored Energy 69.6 kW

Features and Applications



• Up to 20-year operating life

•  Low ESR for high power density

•  Long cycle life

•  RoHS compliant

•  Active balancing for low standby current and  to maximize lifetime

•  Typical efficiency >98%

•  Maintenance free

•  Easy rack mounting 


•  Datacenter UPS

•  Bridge power

•  Hospital UPS

•  Hybrid power system with fuel cells

•  Grid storage

•  Semiconductor equipment (SEMI F47 compliant)