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Eaton 3 volt supercapacitors

Eaton TV cells provides energy storage for high power charge/discharge cycling, peak power shaving and back up power applications. They also provide power to safely shutdown systems and avoid data loss when main power is disconnected. TV cells are RoHS compliant, UL recognized, contain no heavy metals and are safe for air shipments.

With up to a 20 year lifespan, TV cells are ideal for smart meters (electric, gas, water), data storage servers, powering RF radios used for data transmission and all types of industrial controllers.

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Use Case - Eaton HV and TV Supercapacitors Power Delivery of Smart Metering

Use Case- Eaton Provides Cloud Computing & Data Center Reliability for the Enterprise

Datasheet Capacitance (F) Max Initial ESR (Ω) Size (mm) Diameter x Length
TV1020-3R0605-R 6
0.035 10.5 x 22.3
TV1030-3R0106-R 10 0.026 10.5 x 31.5
TV1325-3R0156-R 15 0.024 13.5 x 28.4
TV1625-3R0256-R 25 0.018 16.5 x 28.4
TV1245-3R0346-R 34 0.016 12.9 x 49
TV1635-3R0356-R 35 0.015 16.5 x 38
TV1840-3R0606-R 60 0.013 18.5 x 42
TV1860-3R0107-R 100 0.011 18.5 x 60.5