Single Row Terminal Block Marking Options

Dimensions See Data Sheet Marking Options Series link above
Standard Marking Markings are applied directly to the sides of Series 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000. Standard characters are white and 1/8” high. Factory may substitute 3/32” high characters. Blocks to be marked on both sides require a different code for each side. Example: “L1” on one side of the block requires “L2” on the other side to ensure common terminal marking. Specify by adding suffix to part number.
Special Marking Special markings are available for Series 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000 at an additional charge for preparation. Production charges for setup, handling and marking are the same as for standard marking and the same quantity discounts apply. Consult factory for price and delivery.
Closed Barrier Terminal Block Marking Options L1 & LT1 = Upright numerals, numbered from left to right; L2 & LT2 = Upright numerals, numbered from right to left; L3 = Left lying numerals, numbered from left to right; L4 = Right lying numerals, numbered from right to left; L5 & LT5 = Upside down numerals, numbered from right to left; L6 & LT6 = Upside down numerals, numbered from left to right
Marker Strips Black marker strips with white numerals mount beneath the terminal blocks to clearly identify terminal and wire positions. Available with forward or reverse markings, top or bottom of strip. If special markings are required, submit a drawing.
Terminal Block Covers Available for Series A1000, A2000, A3000, A4000, CB2000, CB3000, LP2000, & LP3000. Three styles of UL 94V0 thermoplastic covers are offered in black. Covers are ordered separately and supplied with two clips each, unless ordered without clips. Optional markings may be specified (black on yellow; white on black). Notes: Covers can not be used with: • mounting plate options MP & MT. • certain quick connect terminals. • 0, 6, & 9 base/end styles on A2 or A3 Bulk Cover Clips: Series 1000 = CC1-J; Series 2000 & 3000 = CC2-J; Series 4000 = CC4-J.


Marking options and Acc.