A4 & B4

Series A4000 & Series B4000 Single Row Terminal Blocks


Rating: See datasheet
Center Spacing: 0.562” or 9/16” (14.28 mm)
Wire Range: See rating table.
Screw Size: #8-32 or #10-32 zinc-plated slotted screws
Torque Rating: #8 screw size 16 lb-in.; #10 screw size 20 lb-in.
Distance Between Barriers: 0.47” (11.9 mm)
Operating Temperature: +105 °C (+221 °F) max., -40 °C (-40 °F) min.
Molded Material: Black, UL Rated 94V0 Thermoplastic
Hardware: Bottom studs supplied with nuts assembled. Cup washers are optional on bottom studs but are not recommended with ring terminals.
Extended Hex Nuts: Optional extended, slotted hex nuts enable easier installation and removal with hex wrench or screwdriver. Available in bulk for the #10-32 studs on Series A4953 blocks. Specify part number F582 and quantity.
Breakdown Voltage: 6100 V
Agency Information: UL File E62622, CSA File 47235; CE Certified



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