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Advancing electrical safety

The table below lists technical articles written by our team of experts that advance electrical safety and code compliance.

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Title Publication Date
Compliance with the 2017 NEC for Elevator Controllers IAEI November/December 2017
Five Factors to Consider when Selecting an Overcurrent Protective Device for an Electric Vehicle System to Ensure Safe and Reliable Performance SAE International July 2017
Code changes affecting short-circuit current ratings and transfer switches based on the 2017 NEC IAEI June/July 2017
Current Limitation IAEI April 2017
Terminations - Devil's in the details IEC February 2017
Service Equipment Labeling [NEC 2017 100.16(B)] Part 2 IAEI January 2017
NEC and worker safety IEC January 2017
The NEC's short-circuit current rating changes Flow Control December 2016
How machine design influences SCCR The Journal November 2016
Current-limiting fuses: New NFPA 70-2017 Section 240.67, arc modeling, and an assessment based on the IEEE 1584-2002 IEEE
August 2016
Test before touch IEC August 2016
Fingers - Mind your digits IEC June 2016
Maintenance - Important for safety IEC April 2016
End in mind - Keep your eye on the ball IEC April 2016
Review your safety plan IEC February 2016
Service entrance and short circuit currents IEC January 2016
Develop an effective industrial equipment SCCR strategy Control Engineering October 2015
Getting equipment SCCR code requirements right Consulting-Specifying Engineer October 2015
Disconnecting Solar PV Systems to Enhance Safety and Protect Property Solar Novus Today September 2015
4 Steps to Determine Equipment SCCR Pumps & Systems September 2015
Three steps to select the right fuse for control circuit protection Plant Engineering September 2015
Thinking out of the box: Driving safety through innovation IAEI July 2015
Article 450 transformers IAEI July 2015
Three steps to select the right fuse for control circuit protection Control Engineering July 2015
The best kept secret [Memoirs] IEEE June 2015
Developing an effective SCCR plan IEC June 2015
Calculating short-circuit current IAEI May 2015
Highlights of NEC Articles 422, 430 and 440 IAEI May 2015
HVAC: Not just your average load IEC April 2015
The critical need for solar circuit protection in PV system standards Electrical Business April 2015
NEC Article 410 - Luminaires, lampholders and lamps IAEI March 2015
Silencing surge IAEI January 2015
Short circuit current ratings IEC December 2014
After the fire IEC September 2014
Personal protective equipment IEC August 2014
Short-circuit current ratings: Key considerations for the safety of commercial and industrial electrical systems IEEE
July 2014
Safety in marinas IEC July 2014
NEC and worker safety IEC June 2014
NEC and worker safety IAEI May 2014
Hands on for safety IEC April 2014
Water vs. electricity: Important considerations for safety IEC March 2014
Electrical fire prevention - Section 210.12 of the NEC IEC February 2014
Marking available fault current IAEI January 2014
Available fault current IEC January 2014
Characteristics, selection guidelines and performance of circuit protection devices for ASDs IEEE
December 2013
Working in pairs: The buddy system IEC December 2013
Emergency Egress IEC September 2013
Sustainable products IEC September 2013
Confined spaces IEC August 2013
Short-circuit current ratings for equipment IEEE June 2013
Reducing risk: Prevention and mitigation IEC June 2013
The terminator IEC May 2013
STRESS: More than just structural IEC April 2013
Multi-wire branch circuits IEC February 2013
Preventing electrocutions IEC February 2013
Safety something earned IAEI July 2012
Readily accessible IAEI May 2012
Arc flash - A survivor's perspective IAEI March 2012
Silos of safety - Are we living in the box? IAEI January 2012
It's a PV world after all IAEI November 2011
Code adoption: The fiscal impact statement IAEI September 2011
IAEI West Virginia: Getting back to the grass roots of safety IAEI July 2011
A counterfeit challenge IAEI May 2011
Safety program or fly by the seat of your pants, you decide IAEI March 2011
Extreme indoor air quality issues IAEI May 2010