E-Rated, R-Rated and PT medium voltage fuses

Industry’s most comprehensive medium voltage circuit protection


For over 100 years, Bussmann fuses have provided superior circuit protection, enhanced safety and reliable service.

As the leaders in circuit protection, we’ve now expanded our medium voltage fuse portfolio to provide a fusible solution for virtually every medium voltage application with our current-limiting E-Rated, R-Rated and PT fuses.

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Medium voltage fuse brochure No. 10386

E-Rated fuses

R-Rated fuses

PT fuses

Current limiting medium voltage fuse selector tool

This parametric search engine allows you to select your medium voltage fuse requirements and view the available Bussmann series fuses. Click this link and select the medium voltage fuse button at the bottom.

Now, get QuikShip service on over 150 Eaton and Bussmann series E-Rated, R-Rated and PT fuses

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