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This resource may be used not only for competitor crosses, but also for legacy Bussmann series products that have moved to a new catalog number.

Additionally, if a fuse is eligible for a Low-Peak Upgrade, this is presented as an alternative. Clicking the link in the middle column for more information takes you to the product page and is a simple path to provide the data sheet.

Competitor cross tool

Competitor cross example

Bussmann series alternative part example


RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) status for Bussmann series products allows for single or multiple part searches and provides a downloadable certificate of compliance. To get you started, there's a guided video showing how each works in detail.

RoHS compliance search engine


This links to the Bussmann series UL Electrical product data sheets.

Columns can be sorted by product name or data sheet number by clicking on the appropriate column header.

A link to the Elx product data sheets (including small dimension glass tube fuses and single row terminal blocks) is also included.

UL data sheets

Elx data sheets


The full line catalog is available as a complete download or by individual product sections.

The competitor cross reference is a two-page quick guide. For more extensive searches, use the competitor cross reference search tool.

The Low-Peak Upgrade is a fuse inventory consolidation program that also promotes safety and reliability. This brochure has the details.



Need a fuse block, holder or fused disconnect?

This handy document lists the Bussmann series products that are available by fuse class/size, catalog symbol and amp range covering:

  • Blocks: modular, standard and open center
  • Holders: DIN-Rail, in-line, and panel mount
  • Disconnects and switches
  • PCB fuseclips and holders

Fuse mounting reference


CAD files  and PDFs may are found on the link below.

Please note that to download 3D files (STEP or IGS format) you must right click the link and use the browser menu to download the file. Left clicking 3D files links will return file's code, but not the file.

CAD file downloads


For Bussmann series UL Electrical product change and end-of-life notices click the link below.

This will display the catalog number/product family, the notice type and the date it was issued, starting with the most current.

Product notifications

This table contains the agency information available for various Bussmann series products.

Look for the part number/catalog symbol in the left hand column, then look across the row for the available agency links.

Of special note, there are recent changes the European directive affecting CE declarations that's required us to reformat documents.

If you require CE declarations specific to IEC products, click this link.

If you need additional assistance obtaining agency information, please contact our Applications Engineering Team by:


Phone: 1-855-287-7626 (1-855-BUSSMANN) 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.


 If you need a fuse, but have limited information, these tools can help narrow down the possible solutions.

Links to product pages and data sheets appear with the results.

Low voltage selector

Medium voltage selector