Equipment SCCR made easy


The importance of Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR)

Marking equipment and industrial control panels with their SCCR is required by UL 508A

Additionally, the NEC® requires industrial control panels be marked with the assembly SCCR as well (409.110, 670.3(A), 440.4(B). Together, the NEC and OSHA require that electrical equipment provide sufficient protection against short-circuit current events. 1910.303(b)(5) of the OSHA regulation requires all electrical equipment meet this requirement.

Eaton makes compliance easy with three great tools

1. SCCR Protection Suite

Eaton’s SCCR Protection Suite is a comprehensive product portfolio that provides equipment designers easy access to a wide selection of circuit protection and wiring distribution/termination to switching devices to meet a broad range of SCCRs needs from 18kA to 200kA. These solutions help designers eliminate weak links by identifying solutions that raise the component SCCR or limit the fault.

2. Bussmann series OSCAR SCCR Compliance Application

The Bussmann™ series OSCAR™ SCCR Compliance Application easily guides subscribers through entering an electrical panel’s components and calculates the equipment’s SCCR, and provides one-line diagrams and detailed documentation for the determined SCCR level. This award winning, online tool provides a quick and accurate means for compliance with 2017 NEC and UL 508A Supplement SB equipment SCCR marking requirements.

3. Bussmann series FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator mobile app

Knowing available fault current levels is vital for compliance with SCCR requirements in NEC and OSHA. The Bussmann series FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator mobile and web-based application is a free tool that provides an easy means for calculating fault current levels and generating NEC 110.24 compliant labels and one-line diagrams. The mobile version is available for Apple and Android devices. Watch this video to see how easy it is to ues.

Understanding and planning for SCCR

Both industrial equipment manufacturers and users need to know about SCCR, and the related code and regulatory requirements. The following documents will help you gain insight into this often misunderstood subject and how you can effectively plan and implement an effective SCCR strategy.

SCCR videos

SCCR misapplication video

2017 NEC and what it means for SCCR

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