Power Electronics Protection

Power electronic devices are generally much more sensitive devices than standard circuit components and have special protection requirements.  Variable frequency drives, soft starters and SCRs are just some of the devices that need special levels of overcurrent protection due to their nature.  High speed fuses are often the solution for very fast acting response when an overcurrent condition exists.  Below are documents on applications of protective devices on circuits with power electronic components and details on the protective devices themselves.

High Speed Fuse Reference Guide

Information on European and North American styles of high speed fuses including sizes, terminal styles, body style numbering systems, application notes and other important data.

High Speed Fuse Application Guide

This application guide covers a wide array of high speed fuse characteristics and applications.  Some of the areas addressed are rectifier and inverter protection, fuses under DC conditions and sizing high speed fuses.

High Speed Fuse Catalog

Complete Cooper Bussmann high speed fuse catalog.

Fusing IGBT-Based Inverters

This IEEE white paper discusses the issues with protection of IGBT devices with respect to their application in DC-AC inverters.   IGBTs present a difficult challenge when it comes to overcurrent protection and this article details how to best accomplish this.

Variable Frequency Drive Protection Basics

This article addresses some of the basic considerations when selecting protective devices for drives and soft starters.

Drive Manufacturer Protection Guides

Variable Frequency Drive manufacturers can have very specific overcurrent protection requirements for their drives.  Here you can find recommendations from various manufacturers on what fuses to use with a given drive.