Arc flash safety

Eaton's Bussmann Division is constantly working to increase awareness of electrical safety issues for individuals who work on or near electrical equipment.  Along with the concerns for people working the equipment, there are now additional issues for those who design and specify the equipment.  We are committed to providing information on safety principles to be used for protecting individuals from electrical hazards.  Below you will find various articles and tools that address electrical safety issues.

Arc flash calculator

The Arc flash calculator is an online tool that can determine incident energy levels and flash protection boundary based on circuit parameters.  Just enter your variables and the calculator gives you the resulting values.

Electrical safety fundamentals

Electrical hazards come in several forms each dangerous in its own way. This document examines those hazards and details associated calculations and safety recommendations.

Additional Safety Concerns

This excerpt from the Bussmann series SafetyBASICS™ handbook goes into brief detail about further safety concerns.  Topics include industry standards, regulations, and safety programs.  For the full SafetyBASICS™ handbook that expands on these and other topics click here.

Labeling requirements

New NEC® requirements specify labeling for electrical equipment where electrical hazards are present.  This article discusses those requirements in detail.

Safety related articles

The Bussmann Division offers a selection of technical articles covering safety related issues along with papers from other industry professionals.

Below are articles published by the Bussmann Division on electrical safety along with other safety-related documents and IEEE technical papers collected from industry professionals.