e-Commerce Capabilities

My.Eaton.com is a new, secure website for our customers that improves productivity and supports growth and sales with easy access to sales and marketing information. Providing personalized access to electrical solutions, our customers are able to access all the Eaton solutions in one place. My.Eaton.com is a single point of entry to access Eaton’s expanded product and services portfolio, training programs, marketing programs, events, tools and resources, order management information and links to the existing capabilities of Bid Manager, Cooper Customer Center (C3) and Vista on the Web (VOTW).

The C3 - Cooper Customer Center can now be accessed by going to My.Eaton.com. C3 is an easy-to-use application that provides real-time product availability, pricing, order status, tracking and more. It's simple, fast and accurate. Designed to save you time and help you make informed business decisions.

Visit My.Eaton.com to log in or request access today.

Solutions that make doing business easier, faster and less expensive


EDI is the communication of business information and transactions between two parties electronically. This type of communication benefits both sender and receiver by reducing the amount of human intervention and the possibility of errors.

If you would like to establish/improve your EDI relationship with Cooper Bussmann please call or email Tammy Fangers, Cooper Bussmann EDI Coordinator, (636) 527-1411.

Cooper Bussmann supports the following EDI transactions:

810 - Invoicing (outbound)

820 - Remittance Advice

830 - Planning Schedule with Rel Capability

844, 849 - Product Resale Report to Support Ship and Debit

845 - Contract File Update

846 - Inventory Inquiry

850 - Purchase Order (inbound)

852 - Product Activity (inbound)

855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement

856 - Advanced Ship Notice (outbound)

857 - Advanced Ship Notice with UCC-128 Shipment Feedback

860 - Purchase Order Change (inbound)

864 - Test Message

997 - Functional Acknowledgement

832 - Price/Sales Catalog

Cooper Bussmann will support the following new transactions in the near future:

865 - Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement

867 - Product Transfer and Resale Reports (POS)

Vendor Managed Inventory VMI

Achieving superior service at the lowest total supply chain cost

Cooper Bussmann is committed to ensuring our distributors' long term, profitable success. Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program is an important tool in achieving superior service to the end customer at the lowest total supply chain cost. Cooper Bussmann' investment in proven supply chain software tools like Pan-Pro's VMI Software will deliver measurable benefits to our distributors' business.

Through an automated, daily exchange of data, VMI will plan, optimize and execute the inventory replenishment process with our customers. Working from the mutually defined inventory goals, Cooper Bussmann' automated VMI program frees up important resources, allowing distributors to focus on the customer side of their business. Automation, time compression, superior service, cost elimination; these are the goals of our VMI initiative. VMI is another example of Cooper Bussmann' commitment to providing high quality products at the lowest total cost of acquisition.


For more information, email Jeff Glaeser.

For more informaiton on Pan Pro, click here.

Industry Data Warehouse IDW

Enjoy the benefits of electronic commerce

Cooper Bussmann is a charter member of the Industry Data Exchange Associates (IDEA) and its first initiative - the IDW. We recognize the value of our partnership and the need to synchronize our data with yours.

Together we can both enjoy the benefits of electronic commerce - increased sales and reduced costs of doing business- if we take the time to do it right. We have populated the IDW database and plan to continue to evolve with it.

For more information, email Jeff Glaeser.

Industry Data Xchange IDX

Transfer data in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner

Cooper Bussmann is a founding supporter of the IDXchange. Due to the requirements of electronic commerce, the movement of data between organizations is going to expand exponentially in the near future. Through the IDX we are able to transfer the data in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner.

For more information, email Jeff Glaeser.

Bar Coding

Custom bar coding can provide product and shipment data

Cooper Bussmann can now offer the ability to custom make a shipment bar code for any customer. The shipment bar code can have a large amount of product/shipment data that can assist the customer in easier receipt of Cooper Bussmann product.