Modular Knifeblade Fuse Blocks


Knifeblade fuse block drawings are available as:

  • 2-D in the PDF files
  • 3-D in the STEP files

Click on the links in the table below to download.

To download STEP files, right click the link and use "Save Target As" option.

Knifeblade Fuse Block Fuse Class / Voltage PDF (size)
Class H(K) 250 and 600Volt Blocks and Covers PDF (12MB)
Class J Blocks and Covers PDF (6MB)
Class R 250 and 600 Volt Blocks and Covers
PDF (12MB)
Part Number Description Drawing Type / Link
Right click the link and use "Save Target As" option
250 Volt Class H(K) & R Covers
CVRI-RH-25100 / CVR-RH-25100 For 100A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-25200 / CVR-RH-25200 For 200A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-25400 / CVR-RH-25400 For 400A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-25600 / CVR-RH-25600 For 600A Blocks STEP
6000 Volt Class H(K) & R Covers
CVRI-RH-60100 / CVR-RH-60100 For 100A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-60200 / CVR-RH-60200 For 200A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-60400 / CVR-RH-60400 For 400A Blocks STEP
CVRI-RH-60600 / CVR-RH-60600 For 600A Blocks STEP
Class J Covers
CVRI-J-60100 / CVR-J-60100 For 100A Blocks STEP
CVRI-J-60200 / CVR-J-60200 For 200A Blocks STEP
CVRI-J-60400 / CVR-J-60400 For 400A Blocks STEP
CVRI-J-60600 / CVR-J-60600 For 600A Blocks STEP
250 Volt Class H(K) Blocks
HM25100-1CR 100A Block STEP
HM25200-1CR 200A Block STEP
HM25400-1CR 400A Block STEP
HM25600-1CR 600A Block STEP
600 Volt Class H(K) Blocks
HM60100-1CR 100A Block STEP
HM60200-1CR 200A Block STEP
HM60400-1CR 400A Block STEP
HM60600-1CR 600A Block STEP
250 Volt Class R Blocks
RM25100-1CR 100A Block STEP
RM25200-1CR 200A Block STEP
RM25400-1CR 400A Block STEP
RM25600-1CR 600A Block STEP
600 Volt Class R Blocks
RM60100-1CR 100A Block STEP
RM60200-1CR 200A Block STEP
RM60400-1CR 400A Block STEP
RM60600-1CR 600A Block STEP
Class J Fuse Blocks
JM60100-1CR 100A Block STEP
JM60200-1CR 200A Block STEP
JM60400-1CR 400A Block STEP
JM60600-1CR 600A Block STEP