Custom order engineering

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Factory installed accessories for enclosed disconnects

Components, accessories and unique configurations available to enable faster installation at customer’s facility.

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Fuse terminals

Terminal size and hole pattern adjusted to fit various mounting applications.

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Circuit board mounting capabilities

Terminals added to a standard fuse to meet higher voltage requirements for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) application.

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Fuse blocks and holders

Designs developed to save customer’s production time while meeting agency requirements.


Flexible design for unique requirements and applications

With more than 70,000 standard Bussmann series products, we provide solutions for industrial, commercial, alternative energy and mission-critical applications.

But what if a standard product will not work?

Our Custom Order Engineering team can quickly modify an existing product or develop an all-new, zero-based product that will meet your needs

With extreme flexibility, we can address virtually any application or need.

Let our Custom Order Engineering team build a unique solution for you.

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If you have a need for a custom engineered product, contact our Applications Engineers

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Below are some more of the custom order engineering solutions we've provided to our customers.


Wire terminations

Application-specific terminations developed for use in a wire harness.


Hardware options

Lug connections and screws configured to reduce customer’s assembly cycle time.


Remote indication

Remote indication capabilities added to fuses, easing maintenance and reducing downtime.


Mounting brackets for medium voltage fuses

Wide range of brackets offered in exact sizes, ratings and amperages for mounting in customer’s gear.