TPL Telpower® 70-600A: 170Vdc Fuses

TPL Telpower® 70-600A: 170Vdc Fuses

DC power distribution fuses for use with Telpower 15100, 15200, TP158HC and TPHCS disconnect systems. For replacement of Cooper Bussmann UBO fuses a TPL-TA adapter kit is necessary



Data Sheet #5005

Agency Cards

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Volts 170Vdc
Amps 70-800A
IR 100kA
Agency Information CE, UL Recognized Guide JFHR2, File E56412 Bellcore
Typical Applications • Telecommunications power circuit protection
Accessories • Spare fuse holders: TPSFH-LB (for TPL-B fuses) TPSFH-LC (for TPL-C fuses)


  • Current-limiting capability designed for DC power distribution systems
  • Recognized branch circuit protection
  • Complete system coordination capability
  • Energy savings with low watts loss, low operating temperatures, and minimum I2t levels