TPS Fuses for 15800 Disconnect Switch

DC power distribution non-indicating fuses specifically designed to meet the unique needs of DC power distribution systems. For use with Bussmann fused disconnect switch 15800.


  • The UL Recognized ratings and current-limiting capability make this fuse ideal for cable protection on existing DC power distribution systems.
  • A unique blue label is used on all Telpower fuses to designate their DC capability.
  • Printed circuit board variations available.

Data Sheet #5009

Agency Cards

Catalog Number TPS-(amp) Ferrule version (1 to 70A), TPS-(amp)L PCB version (1 to 70A), TPS-(amp)LB Tag version (1 and 70A), TPS-(amp)V Vertical PCB version (25, 40 and 50A)
Dimensions See data sheet no. 5009
Volts - 170 Vac/dc (up to 60 A)
- 170 Vac (70 to 80 A)
Amps 1-80 A
Interrupting rating 100 kA
Agency Information - CE
- UL Recognized, Guide JFHR2, File E56412
Typical applications - Telecommunications DC power circuit protection
- Applications requiring printed circuit board mounting
Accessories Spare fuse holder (PN TPSFH-AS)

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