TP15900-4 Fused Disconnect Switches for TPA Fuses

TP15900-4 Fused Disconnect Switches for TPA Fuses

4-pole disconnect switch for use with Telpower fuses Type TPA & TPA-B



Data Sheet #5001

Agency Cards

Catalog Number TP15900-4, Tp15900-41
Dimensions See Resources Tab
Volts 145Vdc (40A), 80Vdc (50A)
Amps 40A@145Vdc, 50A@80Vdc
Agency Information CE, UL Recognized File E97649 as a disconnect switch for interruption of load current by means of withdrawing the fuse carrier. UL Recognized as a component for telecommunication power distribution equipment (UL category QPQY2). UL Recognized fuses for branch circuit protection. CSA Component Acceptance for the system
Typical Applications Telecommunications DC power circuit protection
Flammability Rating UL 94V0, 140°C.


  • Ease of installation - connection directly to busbar, reduces external wiring per pole. Rear accessibility for line and load terminations
  • LED alarm signaling (LED current 30mA max)
  • Local and remote open-fuse indication along with fuse orientation rejection feature and fuse presence indication
  • Alarm test probe point, to allow on-site checking of alarm circuitry