TP158HC Fused Disconnect Switches

TP158HC Fused Disconnect Switches

Panel mount, rear access high amp version of Cooper Bussmann® 15800 Series fused disconnect switch for use only with the following fuses;
Main: Telpower TPL-B 70-250 Amps, Alarm: Cooper Bussmann GMT-A.



Data Sheet #5021

Agency Cards

Catalog Number TP158HC, TP158HC-M
Dimensions See Resources Tab
Volts 80Vdc
Amps 70-250A
SCCR 100kA
Agency Information UL Recognized (investigated to UL 1801) as a disconnect switch for the interruption of load current by means of withdrawing the fuse pullout. Guide QPQY2, File E97649.
Typical Applications Telecommunications DC power circuit protection
Accessories Spare fuse holders: TPSFH-LB (TPL-B fuses) and TPSFH-T (GMT fuses)
Application Notes • The line connection uses a 1⁄4-20 bolt (metric – M6X1) that threads into the line terminal. The line terminal is designed with a float of ±0.02” (± 0.50mm) to allow for variation in the distance between the TP158HC mounting flange and the line busbar (see Dimensions). Equipment should be designed to eliminate any relative movement between the TP158HC mounting flange and the line busbar. • The alarm circuit is not intended for precharging of capacitive circuits. Alarm circuit current 1A maximum.


  • Similar profile, mounting method, and backplane configuration as 15800 Series. The TP158HC can be installed into existing 15800 Series panels using the space of two 15800 disconnects
  • Innovative new fuse pullout design eliminates need for tools to replace the Telpower type TPL-B fuse
  • Alarm output with wire wrap terminal or connection to 0.063 inch (1.6mm) thick common alarm bus
  • Hardware included: Load: washer, split lockwasher, and 5⁄16 - 18 nut (metric-M8 x 1.25)