TVSS current surge protectors

TVSS Current Surge Protector

Surge protection limiters designed to protect TVSS systems.

Able to withstand 8x20 μSec surge pulses without opening.

Limiters are identified by a surge rating and not continuous current rating.

Available with optional printed circuit board tabs.

Data sheet No. 2141

Bussmann series SPD selector

Find the surge protective device you need based upon your overvoltage protection needs - covers power and data signal SPDs.

Catalog Numbers 8x20μS Surge Rating Melting I2t (A2 Sec) Clearing I2t (A2 Sec) Ipeak @ 100kA 60Hz (A)
TVSS-5 5000A 559 1650 4283
TVSS-10 10,000A 1788 5766 6618
TVSS-15 15,000A 3760 9730 7843
TVSS-20 20,000A 6020 14,000 8594