UL non-SCCR AC/DC power and control SPDs

Telecom SPD

Efficient and reliable protection for AC/DC voltage control and power applications

  • Combination of spark-gap and heavy-duty zinc oxide varistors provide high surge discharge capacity
  • Modular DIN-Rail design with color-coding and rejection feature makes it easy to identify, install and maintain
  • easyID™ Visual indication and optional remote contact signaling make status monitoring simple
  • Optional remote signaling of all protection modules make status monitoring easy and accurate in any monitoring scheme
  • Vibration and shock resistant according to EN 60068-2 standards for reliability in harsh environments
  • Easily coordinated with other Bussmann series DIN-Rail surge protection devices
  • Ideal for telecom and UL 508A low voltage applications

The need for surge protection

Today’s world is full of electronic products and devices that are susceptible to damage from overvoltage surges.

Whether the cause is static discharge or lightning, overvoltage surges can quickly destroy consumer electronics or sophisticated electronic packages used in industrial and commercial applications.

Bussmann series surge protection products help assure power quality that’s free from damaging surges and overvoltage conditions.

Safe and simple

  • IP20 finger-safe construction and suppressor rejection feature make it easy to know the suppressor system is installed and properly operating to protect your UL low voltage or control system investment.
  • Simply specify the system voltage, circuit configuration and whether the remote contact signaling is desired.
  • Five year limited warranty

Product Profile No. 3181

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Application guide No. 3193

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Surge protective device master spec No. 10204

Warranty statement No. 3A1502

Competitor cross reference

Bussmann series SPD selector

Find the surge protective device you need based upon your overvoltage protection needs - covers power and data signal SPDs.

Rated Voltage Part Number without Remote Indication Part Number with Remote Indication Replacement Module
Low Voltage Power Series Type 2
48Vac/60Vdc BSPM1A48D60LV BSPM1A48D60LVR BPMA48D60LV
75Vac/100Vdc BSPM1A75D100LV BSPM1A75D100LVR BPMA75D100LV
120Vac/200Vdc BSPM1A150D200LV BSPM1A150D200LVR BPMA150D200LV
275Vac/350Vdc BSPM1A275D350LV BSPM1A275D350LVR BPMA275D350LV
320Vac/420Vdc BSPM1A320D420LV BSPM1A320D420LVR BPMA320D420LV
385Vac/500Vdc BSPM1A385D500LV BSPM1A385D500LVR BPMA385D500LV
440Vac/585Vdc BSPM1A440D585LV BSPM1A440D585LVR BPMA440D585LV
600Vac/600Vdc BSPM1A600D600LV BSPM1A600D600LVR BPMA600D600LV
Low Voltage Control Series Type 3
120Vac/dc BSPH2A150D150LV BSPH2A150D150LVR BPHA150D150LV
230Vac/dc BSPH2A230D230LV BSPH2A230D230LVR BPHA230D230LV