BSPD Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs

High capacity surge protective devices for switchboards

The BSPD Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) help protect electrical and electronic equipment from overvoltage surges. What’s more, they enable compliance with 2014 NEC® 700.8 that requires a listed SPD to be installed in or on all emergency system switchboards and panelboards.

The RoHS compliant BSPD uses thermally protected Bussmann series SurgePOD™ technology to safely shunt overvoltages to ground while its thermal disconnect capability eliminates the need for additional fusing.

Product profile No. 10208

Data sheet No. 10209

Installation sheet No. 10207

Application guide No. 3193

Surge protective device master spec No. 10204

Warranty statement No. 3A1502

Bussmann series SPD selector

Find the surge protective device you need based upon your overvoltage protection needs - covers power and data signal SPDs.

BSPD High capacity SPDs Publication no.
Data sheet 10209
Installation instructions 10207
Application guide 3193