600A, 800A & 1200A Quik-Spec™ Fusible Panelboards


The New Quik-Spec™ Coordination Panelboard is now available up to 1200A

  • Configurable panelboards with options for 600, 800 and 1200A mains and branches from 1-600A all rated 200kA SCCR at 600Vac
  • Smallest standard fusible panelboards in the industry
  • Featuring the finger-safe UL Class CF CUBEFuse™ with ampacity rejection features
  • Available with time-delay or UPS/critical application fast-acting fuses
  • UL Listing makes it simple to address NEC® selective coordination system requirements in an all fused system

Data sheet No.1171

Product profile No.3187

Warranty statement No. 3A2780

CCPB branch disconnect data sheet No.1161

Time-delay CUBEFuse data sheet No. 9000

Fast-acting CUBEFuse data sheet No. 2147

Voltage 600Vac, 125Vdc
Main Bus Ratings 600A, 800A and 1200A
Panel SCCR Up to 200kA
Branch Ratings 1-, 2- and 3-Pole, 1 to 600A rated 200kA SCCR at 600Vac
Branch Fuse Types Class CF CUBEFuse, Class J


  • Easy selective coordination in a all fused system using published fuse tables
  • 1-100A, 1-, 2- and 3-Pole CCPB branch disconnects feature ampacity rejection to help prevent overfusing
  • CCPB Branch disconnect has interlock to prevent fuse removal while energized
  • CCPB Branch disconnect utilizes finger-safe 1-100A time-delay or 1-60A fast-acting CUBEFuse
  • Lockout/Tagout for added safety

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