PVM midget PV fuses


Fast-acting 600 Vdc 10x38mm

A range of UL 248-19 fuses specifically designed to protect solar power systems in extreme ambient temperature, high cycling and low level fault current conditions (reverse current, multi-array fault).

Product profile no. 3188

Data sheet no. 2153

UL certifications

Solar circuit protection application guide no. 10191

RoHS compliant

Catalog Number PVM-(amp)
Volts 600 Vdc
Amps 4-30 A
Interrupting rating 50kA DC
Agency information - UL Listed to 248-19, Guide JFGA, File E335324
- CSA Component Certified C22.2
Typical applications - Combiner boxes
- Inverters
- Solar strings
Power Loss (watts)
Catalog Number  Amp Rating     @ 0.8 x In @ 1.0 x In
PVM-10 10 1.04 1.86
PVM-15 15 1 1.72
PVM-30 30 1.65 2.91


  • UL Listed for use in 600Vdc photovoltaic systems
  • 50kA interrupting rating 
  • Provides fast-acting protection under low-fault current conditions that occur in PV systems
  • Demonstrated performance in extreme temperature cycling conditions
  • Low power loss during operation provides increased energy savings

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