NH PV Fuses

Blade and Bolt-on 1000Vdc NH PV Fuses

Bussmann series NH size 1, 2 and 3 PV fuses are specifically designed for protecting and isolating array combiners/re-combiners, disconnects and inverters.

These 1000Vdc PV fuses are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems (reverse current, multi-array fault) while offering the highest current density with two unique mounting options:

  • The traditional blade version for use with a fuse block provides quick, tool-less replacement for easier maintenance.
  • The bolt-on version with common hole centers easily integrates into standardized busbar designs for component reduction and improved assembly time.

Standard features

  • Compact size saves enclosure space for greater design flexibility
  • Bolt-on version features common hole centers for standardizing busbar designs across the 63-400 amp range
  • Bolt-on version eliminates the fuse block to reduce installation time and components
  • Industry-leading low power loss provides greater efficiency and lower operating temperature
  • Global agency standards simplify designs for worldwide markets
  • Dual indication feature and optional microswitches make system monitoring easier
  • Optional microswitches 170H0236 or 170H0238 and BVL50.
  • Compatible with Bussmann PV NH base range (see data sheet no. 720149)

Product profile no. 10365

Data sheet no. 720133

UL certifications

Solar circuit protection application guide no. 10191

RoHS compliant

Catalog Number PV-(amps)ANH1 (bladed 32-200A), PV-250ANH2 (bladed 250A), PV-(amps)ANH3 (bladed 300-400A), PV-(amps)ANH1-B (bolt-on 63-200A), PV-250ANH2-B (bolt-on 250A), PV-(amps)ANH3-B (bolt-on 300-400A)
Dimensions NH Sizes 1, 2 and 3
Volts 1000Vdc
Amps 32A to 400A
Interrupting Rating 50kA
Time Constant 1-3mS
Class of Operation gPV and UL PV
Agency Information - UL Listed, Guide JFGA, File E335324, Photovoltaic to UL 2579
- IEC 60269-6 gPV
- CSA Class 1422-30, File 53787 (32-160A)
- CCC Pending

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