14x65 mm and 10x85 mm PV fuses

Up to 1500Vdc for greater capacity and efficiency

Eaton’s Bussmann series of 14x65mm and 10x85mm package PV fuses are specifically designed for protecting and isolating photovoltaic strings. These fuses are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems (reverse current, multi-array fault).

Available with three mounting styles for application flexibility.

  • 14x65mm cylindrical
  • 14x65mm with tags
  • 10x85mm cylindrical

Product profile no. 3214

Data sheet no. 1172

UL certifications

2-D PDF CAD drawings

Solar circuit protection application guide no. 10191

RoHS compliant

Catalog Number 14x16mm cylindrical: PV-(amps)A14LF
14x65mm cylindrical with tags: PV-(amps)A14L-T
10x85mm cylindrical: PV-(amps)A14LF10F
10x85mm crimp terminals: PV-(amps)A-CT
Dimensions - 14x65mm cylindrical
- 14x65mm cylindrical with tags
- 10x85mm cylindrical
- 10x85mm crimp terminals
Volts - 1500Vdc (2.25-20A)
- 1300Vdc (25 and 32A)1300Vdc (25 & 32A)
Interrupting rating 10kA
Class of operation gPV and UL photovoltaic fuses
Agency information - UL Listed, Guide JFGA, File E335324, photovoltaic to UL 2579
(crimp terminal version UL Recognized to UL 2579)
- IEC 60269-6 gPV
- RoHS compliant
- CCC pending)
Typical applications - Combiner boxes and recombiner boxes
- Wire harness construction (crimp terminal versions)


  • Specifically designed to provide fast-acting protection under low fault current conditions associated with PV systems
  • High DC voltage rating
  • Variety of mounting options for flexibility
  • Demonstrated performance in extreme temperature cycling conditions
  • Wide range of available amp ratings makes it easy to standardize wire harness protection
  • Fuses meet UL and IEC photovoltaic standards for global product acceptance
  • Low watts loss for greater PV system efficiency
  • Low heat rise permits more precise sizing for greater electrical protection
  • In-line crimp terminal version is easy to apply in wire harness construction

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