1500 Vdc 10x85mm PV fuses

Ideal for protecting PV strings

Bussmann series 10x85mm fuse links are specifically designed to protect photovoltaic strings.

Compatible with the Bussmann series CHPV15L85 fuse holder.

Data sheet no. 10658

UL Certifications

Solar circuit protection application guide no. 10191

RoHS compliant

Catalog Number PV-_A10F85
Dimensions 10x85mm - See data sheet no. 10658 for details
Volts 1500 Vdc
Amps 2.25 to 30 A
Interrupting rating 30 kA DC 1 ms
Operating class gPV
Agency information - IEC 60269
- UL 4248-19
- RoHS compliant
Recommended fuse holder CHPV15L85
Typical applications PV string protection

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