10x38 mm PV fuses

A range 10x38mm, 1000Vdc PV fuses for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings. The fuses are specifically designed for use in PV systems with extreme ambient temperature, high cycling and low fault current conditions (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.

Available with four mounting styles for application flexibility:

  1. Cylindrical ferrule
  2. Bolt Fixing
  3. Single and double pin PCB tabs
  4. In-line crimp terminals

For a complete in-line PV fuse assembly, see HPV.

Data sheet no. 10121

UL Certifications

Solar circuit protection application guide no. 10191

RoHS compliant

Catalog Number PV-(amps)A10F (cylindrical), PV-(amps)A10-T (bolt fixing), PV-(amps)A10-(# of PCB tabs - 1 or 2)P, PV-(amps)A10F-CT (in-line crimp terminal)
Dimensions 10 x 38mm - See data sheet no. 10121 for complete dimensions of bolt fixing, PCB tabs and crimp terminal versions
Volts 1000 Vdc
Amps 1-20 A
Interrupting rating - 50 kA
Time constant 1-3ms
Operating class gPV and UL PV fuses
Agency information - UL Listed to 2579, Guide JFGA, File E335325
- IEC 60269-6 gPV
- CSA File 53787, Class 1422-30 (1-15 A), 20 A Pending
- RoHS compliant
- See data sheet 10121 for details


  • Meets UL and IEC photovoltaic standards for global acceptance
  • Low watts loss performance for energy efficiency
  • Low temperature rise performance for more precise sizing
  • In-line crimp terminal version is easy to apply in wire harness construction

Typical applications

  • Combiner boxes
  • Inverters
  • PV Wire harnesses