Photovoltaic SPDs



The Need for Surge Protection

The unique nature of PV installations make them vulnerable to overvoltages and surges from lightning strikes and static discharges.

These surges need to be intercepted before they take down the entire system by damaging the PV arrays, charge controller/inverter and combiner boxes.

In any PV system, it is vital that surge suppressor elements that are subject to wear, are easily monitored for performance.

The Cooper Bussmann PV Surge Suppression systems provide standard easyID™ visual indication and remote contact signaling to keep system maintainers apprised of the protection level being delivered.

Safe and Simple

  • IP20 Finger-safe construction and suppressor rejection feature make it easy to know the suppressor system is installed and properly operating to protect your PV system investment
  • Simply specify the system voltage and whether the remote contact signaling is desired
  • Five and two year limited warranties

Product profile No. 10100