Splicer blocks

Now with dual wire rated ports

Bussmann series splicer blocks allow for increasing or decreasing wire size within a circuit to accommodate different connections from the power source to the branch load.

Splicer blocks are available for wire sizes up to 500 kcmil and amp ratings up to 760 A.

They are UL Recognized to UL 1059 and rated for use in UL 508A industrial control panels.

These blocks are factory configured from 1- to 4-poles (catalog number dependent) with optional covers available to enhance safety (order covers separately).

Data sheet no. 10534

Catalog Number 160__-(poles), 162__-(poles), 163__-(poles), 165__-(poles)
Dimensions See data sheet no. 10534
Volts 600 V
Amps 115 to 760 A
SCCR Up to 200 kA with tested upstream fuses (see data sheet 10534 for details)
Agency information - UL 1059 Recognized, Guide XCFR2, File E62622
- CSA Certified, Class 6228-01, File 15364
Accessories Optional covers available to enhance safety


Dual wire port application

  • Rated for dual wire port application to increase the possible number of lineside and loadside connections. E.g., 16303-1 can accept two wires into the lineside port (1/0 - #6 Cu/Al) and two wires per port (2 connections per pole total) on the loadside lug (1/0 - #6 Cu/Al).
  • Dual wire applications are only viable when using two wires of the same size, stranding, and insulating and conductor material in the same port.

Ferrule terminal application

  • Bussmann series splicer blocks are rated for use with UL Listed ferrules (see catalog number table for details). Ferrule ratings apply to copper wire only.
  • Ferrule applications allow for the use of a broader range of conductor stranding and simulate a more efficient, solid wire connection with the PDB terminal port.
  • Always use UL Listed ferrules in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.

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