R-Rated Fuses

2.4kV to 7.2kV R-Rated medium voltage fuses

For motor circuit protection

Current-limiting R-Rated fuses are physically dimensioned for easy installation in existing hardware.

They are available in standard, AMPGARD Hookeye and AMPGARD Hookeye hermetically sealed, and bolt-on styles to meet application needs.

The 2.4kV and 4.8kV AMPGARD hermetically sealed constructions are suitable for Class I,
Group D, Div. 2 hazardous locations.

4.8kV Limitamp® bolt-on constructions available in ratings from 2R to 24R.

Open fuse indicator on all mounting styles speeds troubleshooting.

These fuses are in a self-contained, non-venting package for installation indoors or outdoors in an enclosure.

Typical applications:

  • Medium voltage motors and controllers

Medium voltage fuse brochure No. 10386

Data sheet No. 6001

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Current limiting medium voltage fuse selector tool

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Catalog Number JCH-_R, JCK-_R , JCK-A-_R, JCK-B-_R, 2ACLS-_R, 2CLS-_R, 2BCLS-_R, 2HCLS-_R, 5CLS-30, JCL-_R, 5BCLS-30, 5LCLS-_R, JCL-A-_R, 5ACLS-30, 5HCLS-30, 5HCLS-_R, 5BCLS-_R, 7CLS-_R, 7ACLS-_R, 8CLS-_R, 8ACLS-_R
Volts - 2.4kV
- 4.8kV
- 7.2kV
Amps - 25-450 (2.4kV)
- 30-450 (4.8kV)
- 25-450 (7.2kV)
Interrupting rating - 50kA Sym, 80kA A Sym (all voltages)
Agency information - UL Recognized, Guide #MSSS2, File # E96676 - JCK and JCK-A (2.4kV)
- UL Recognized, Guide MSSS2, File #E96676 - JCL and JCL-A (4.8kV)
Dimensions See data sheet No. 6001 for dimensions by catalog number
Fuseclips and mountings See data sheet No. 6001 for available fuseclips and mountings available by catalog number