PT Fuses

2.475kV to 38kV PT medium voltage fuses

For potential and small power transformers

General purpose, low amp, current-limiting E-Rated PT medium voltage fuses are defined by their melting time-current characteristic that permit their electrical interchangeability with other fuses of the same E Rating.

Physically dimensioned for easy installation in existing hardware and provide designers a space saving size for new installations.

Self-contained in a non-venting package, PT fuses may be installed indoors or outdoors in an enclosure.

Available in non-indicating versions and indicating versions for faster troubleshooting with a positive visual indication of fuse operation.

Typical applications:

  • Medium voltage potential transformers
  • Small medium voltage service transformers
  • Small medium voltage control transformers

Medium voltage fuse brochure No. 10386

Data sheet No. 6002

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Catalog Number 2NCLPT-_, 3.6ABCNA_
, 3.6ABWNA_
, 3.6CAV_, JCW-_
, 5CLPT-_E
, 5.5ABWNA_E
, 5.5AMWNA_E
, 5.5CAV_E
, 5.5CAVH_E, 7.2ABWNA_
, 7.2ABCNA_
, 7.2AMWNA_E
, 7.2CAV_, 8CLPT-_E-A
, 8CLPT-_E-B
, 12CAV_, 15CLPT-_E
, 15NCLPT-_E-A
, 15NCLPT-_E-B
, 15.5CAV_E
, 15.5CAVH_E, 17.5ABGNA_
, 17.5CAV_, 24ABGNA_
, 24CAV_, 25CLPT-_E, 36ABGNA_
, 36CAV_, 38CAV_E
, 38CAVH_E
, 38CLPT-_E
Volts - 2.475kV
- 3.6kV
- 5.5kV
- 7.2kV
- 8.3kV
- 12kV
- 15.5kV
- 17.5kV
- 24kV
- 25.5kV
- 36kV
- 38kV
Amps - 0.25-5 (2.475kV)
- 2-10 (3.6kV)
- 0.5-15 (5.5kV)
- 0.5-10 (7.2kV)
- 0.5-10 (8.3kV)
- 2-3.15 (12kV)
- 0.5-10 (15.5kV)
- 2-10 (17.5kV)
- 2-4 (24kV)
- 0.5-1 (25.5kV)
- 2-4 (36kV)
- 0.5-4 (38kV)
Interrupting rating See data sheet 6002 for interrupting rating by catalog number
Agency information The PT fuses conforming to the requirements for E-Rating meet the performance characteristics of ANSI C37.46
See data sheet No. 6002 for applicable catalog numbers
Dimensions See data sheet No. 6002 for dimensions by catalog number
Fuseclips and mountings See data sheet No. 6002 for available fuseclips and mountings available by catalog number