EEI-NEMA Type K & T and Type H & N

EEI-NEMA Type K & T and Type H & N

Medium voltage fuses: Type H (high surge), EEI-NEMA Type K (fast-acting), EEI-NEMA Type T (slow-acting)



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Catalog Number FL: Type H and EEI-NEMA Type K & T Fuses
Amps 1 - 200A
Typical Applications Medium Voltage Fused Circuits
High-Surge Type H Fuses High-surge, Type H fuses are manufactured in ratings of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8A. They have been developed principally for primary fusing of small-sized transformers. Type H links are manufactured in the universal buttonhead design.
Type N Fuses Conform to previous NEMA standards and have been superseded by Type K and T links. Tyne N fuses are manufactured in the universal button design in ratings of 5 through 200A for use in NEMA standard dimensioned cutouts rated through 27kV


  • Wide range of EEI-NEMA type fuse links for use in open fuse cutouts
  • Voltage ratings up to 27kV
  • Can be coordinated with other over current protective devices for sectionalizing to isolate feeder branches