E-Rated Fuses

2.75 to 15.5kV E-Rated medium voltage fuses

For feeder circuit, switchgear and transformer protection.

Current-limiting E-Rated medium voltage fuses are defined by their melting time-current characteristic that permit their electrical interchangeability with other fuses of the same E Rating.

They are physically dimensioned for easy installation in existing hardware to provide positive interruption even on low fault currents.

E-Rated fuse constructions are available in ferrule, bolt-on and clip-lock, and specialty mount fuses for AMPGARD motor starters

Outdoor rating available on select catalog numbers and open fuse indicator speeds troubleshooting by providing a positive visual indication of fuse operation.

New OE replacement fuses

Now, E-Rated DIN style fuses in ratings from 5.5 to 38 kV and 10 to 450 amps. These new fuses are well suited for primary protection of transformers and switch gear, feeder circuits and as direct OEM replacement fuses for 600 A Square D HVL/cc and HVL switches (see data sheet 10638) and feature:

  • Cool running for lower watts loss
  • 100% X-ray inspected to help assure fuse integrity
  • Striker provides visual indication of fuse operation or a means to activate a remote monitoring system

Typical applications:

  • Medium voltage transformer primary protection
  • Medium voltage feeder circuit protection
  • Medium voltage switches
  • Medium voltage metal-enclosed switchgear
  • Direct OE replacement

Medium voltage fuse brochure no. 10386

Data sheets

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Current limiting medium voltage fuse selector tool

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Catalog Number 2CLE-, JCX-, 5CLE-, 5HLE-, JCY-, MV055F, AHLE-, BHLE-, HCL-, 8CLE-, 8HLE-, 8AHLE-, 8BHLE-, 8HCL-, 15CLE-, 15HLE-, 15LHLE-, MV155F, 15BHLE-, 15HCL-
Volts - 2.75kV
- 5.5kV
- 8.3kV
- 15.5kV
Amps - 10-450 (2.75kV)
- 1-1350 (5.5kV)
- 10-350 (8.3kV)
- 10-300 (15.5kV)
Interrupting rating - 50kA (2.75kV)
- 40-63kA (5.5kV)
- 50kA (8.3kV)
- 31.5-63kA (15.5kV)
See data sheets for details
Agency information UL Recognized, File E240398 (5.5kV and 15.5kV)
See data sheets for applicable catalog numbers
Dimensions See data sheets 10350 (2.75kV), 10351 (5.5kV), 10352 (8.3kV) and 10353 (15.5kV) for dimensions by available constructions
Fuseclips and mountings See data sheets 10350 (2.75kV), 10351 (5.5kV), 10352 (8.3kV) and 10353 (15.5kV) for available fuseclips, and disconnect and non-disconnect mountings