DIN Dimensioned IEC Fuses for Transformer Protection or Motor Protection

DIN Dimensioned IEC Fuses for Transformer Protection

DIN dimension fuses to Specification DIN 43625 covering current-limiting fuses with performance in compliance with IEC 60282-1. These are in accordance with the R10 and, in some cases, the R20 series of preferred numbers



Catalog Details

Medium Voltage Fuse Catalog # MVFL1111

Agency Cards



Catalog Number 7.2TDLSJ (amp), 7.2TFLSJ (amp)
Dimensions See Resources Tab
Volts 7.2kV
Amps 6.3A to 160A
IR See IR associated with the Basic Catalog Numbers in the table.
Agency Information Comply with DIN dimensional standard DIN 43625, VDE 0670 part 4, VDE 0670 part 40Z and with IEC 60282-1 (2005)
Typical Applications Medium Voltage IEC designed equipment
Packaging All fuse-links are packed 3’s. MOQ: 3 Packaging 100% recyclable


  • DIN dimensioned for retrofitting in existing hardware
  • Open fuse indicator for ease in troubleshooting
  • Designed for use in IEC equipment

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