Square Body Flush End Contact — 1000V (IEC): 50–1400A

Square Body Flush End Contact — 1000V (IEC): 50–1400A

Square body flush end contact high speed fuses

Catalog Details

High speed fuse application guide no. 10507

Catalog Number 1000V (IEC) 50–1400A
Dimensions See catalog details
Volts 1000 Vac
Amps 50 - 1400 A
Interrupting rating 150 kA (Est. 300 kA) RMS Sym.
Agency Information - CE
- Designed and tested to IEC 60269: Part 4
- UL Recognized
Typical applications - DC common bus
- DC drives
- Power converters/rectifiers
- Reduced voltage starters
Ordering The Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec™ Power Module Switch and Panel are factory configured to the specific application. Contact your Cooper Bussmann representative to place your order. Have all relevant electrical and circuit information on hand.


  • Excellent DC performance
  • Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
  • Low watts loss
  • Superior cycling capability