Square Body Flush End Contact — 690/700V (IEC/UL): 1000-4000A

Square Body Flush End Contact Size 4 — 1250V (IEC): 1400-2500A

Square body flush end contact high speed fuses

Catalog details

High speed fuse application guide no. 10507

Catalog Number 690V (IEC) 1000-4000A
Dimensions See catalog details
Volts 690 Vac
Amps 1000 - 4000 A
Interrupting rating 200 kA RMS Sym.
Agency information - CE
- Designed and tested to IEC 60269: Part 4
- UL Recognized
Typical applications - DC common bus
- DC drives
- Power converters/rectifiers
- Reduced voltage starters


  • Excellent DC performance
  • Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
  • Low watts loss
  • Superior cycling capability