North American — FWH 500V: 35-1600A

North American — FWH 500V: 35-1600A

North American style stud-mount fuses



Data Sheet #720007

Agency Cards

CE Conformity

Catalog Number FWH-_
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Volts 500Vac/dc
Amps 35-1600A
IR 200kA Sym., 50kA @ 500Vdc
Agency Information CE, UL Recognition & CSA Component Acceptance on 35-800A only (50kA IR@500Vdc). UL Recognition on 35-1200A only, CSA Component Acceptance: 35-1600A
Typical Applications • DC common bus • DC drives • Power converters/rectifiers • Reduced voltage starters
Agency Information IEC 60269, VDE0636, DIN 43620 Part 1 to 4, VDE Mark and CE


  • Excellent DC performance
  • Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
  • Superior cycling capability